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What would happen if we lend a helpful hand?

The tradesman's software for all trades

New customers are key to your success

Relationships in the digital world

Customer looks for local tradesmen

Customer wants quick and individual advice

Customer wants simple service

You are searching for new customers

You want to give individual advice with minimal effort

You are searching for solutions that also make you competitive online

A solution to win quotes and to digitalise your process


Quick individual quotes

Always straightforward and everywhere





General status overview

Supervise customers, quotes and orders (CRM)


Team, materials and planning

We optimise your process for more scuccess

Smart Generic Platform for all Verticals


Business Logic Definition Language

A scripting language to efficiently define mappings/rules that process user input into requirements into stock lists into quotes. Allowing fast, agile and low cost development of complete business processes.


Standardized Data Objects

Standardized data formats for user input, requirements, product/price data, stock lists and quotes per vertical that is processable for within a fully digitized value chain.


Powerfull API

Powerful API that enables our system to communicate with external systems. Allowing us access to the craftsman’s legacy but necessary business software as well as modern SaaS-Tools.


Smart Intelligence

Increasing ‘intelligence’ shall be introduced to get better and better quotes

Customized quotes
made fast & easy.

Get your quotes fast & easy.

  • <strong>Customized</strong> offer Configuration

    Customized offer Configuration

    Customized offers
    made fast & easy.

    Get your offers fast & easy.

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  • <strong>Customized</strong> offer Configuration

    Customized offer Configuration


  • <strong>Customized</strong> offer Configuration

    Customized offer Configuration

Customized Quote Configuration


The tradesman's software creates automatic and individual quotes based on your preferences for prospective customers, after you have created your product and services price list. The tradesman's software filters the customers demands and wishes, while also collecting specific on-site information. This allows your services and necessary material costs to be automatically created and sent.

The administration of quotes, your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and customer administration will be made simpler and quicker with the tradesman's software. It will enhance your companies success.

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